Classes with Carl

Dear Carl,
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Psychic Development classes. You are truly a gifted teacher, as well as a gifted psychic and medium. I loved your easy-going style and the humor that comes so naturally to you. If a student was ever feeling discouraged, you were always supportative and positive, and your faith in them unwavering. I also admire your dedication and passion in the work you do, knowing that it makes a difference in the lives of others, and the healing that it can bring. You are compassionate, sensitive, loving and fun ... not to mention extremely accurate in your readings ... a beautiful combination. You have touched my life in so many wonderful ways, and I know you will continue to touch many more.

Andrea Steves


I had a reading May 6 2010 to specifically speak to my son whom had passed. He started off explaining to me let's see who and what comes through for me. I found Carl gently informing me that I was intuitive. Which I knew but had kept secret for years. He told me if nothing else I could make a friend that I desperately wanted. Carl knew how to approach me where I was open to the idea of attending PD classes. He validated my thoughts of other planes in this world. I completed his class with more than 21 new friends. Knowing that I can now do what I am passionate about, helping others. He validated my empathic feelings, experiences of what I saw and helped me make sense of them. He taught me how to live in this world seeing, feeling, hearing what some people never experience. Carl changed my life and helped me start my true journey of why I am here. I left knowing he would always be there for me should I need him. He is a light to many of us in the dark. I will be forever grateful for his kindness, support, love and gently nudging me on my journey.


  The Students

A student of the Anastasi System of Psychic Development is getting some of the very best training available. Enabling and helping them
to develop and, more importantly, control their innate psychic abilities. Ethics and psychic protection are discussed throughout the courses. These two topics are very important to all instructors of the system and as such a good deal of time is spent revisiting and focusing on them. Broken into six weekend workshops (referred to as P1, P2, P3,P4, P5, and P6), these courses together are composed of over 60 hours of in person instruction which teaches on such topics as:

  • meditation
  • telepathy
  • reality manifestation
  • chakras
  • remote viewing
  • past life recall
  • energy awareness
  • seeing and feeling auras
  • clairvoyance development
  • health scans
  • clairaudient development
  • straight psychic reading
  • psychometry
  • scrying
  • automatic writing
  • fear elimination techniques
  • self hypnosis techniques
  • distant healing techniques
  • astral traveling
  • empathic and clairsentience control
  • channeling
  • identifying spirits
  • spirit communication/mediumship
  • soul retrieval
  • dream interpretation
  • connecting with guides
  • using pendulums
  • much more! 

By the time a student finishes their course of study they are capable of
not only doing psychic readings, but of using these skills as a foundation
for taking control of and improving their own life. This is a course of study that has, literally, changed lives.

The Carl Woodall Metaphysical Center is now open!

In person or phone readings available
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